Sunday, May 27, 2007

Everitt let Gil Lovato slide on allegations of public corruption and criminal conspriracy

She justified it, apparently, with the argument that it was cheaper for taxpayers to give him a half a year's salary for nothing; than to fire him on the spot.

The financial savings make sense; in particular considering Lovato's body map. Had he had a chance to sell or expose it, it would have cost the District far more than the $35K that Lovato received for sitting on his butt for six months.

The more far reaching consequence though,
is, yet another senior APS administrator has evaded
accountability for their corruption and incompetence.

More importantly, the trail that leads through Tom Savage,
to Everitt's desk remains hidden from taxpayers;
and is the real reason for "saving taxpayer's money".

The problem is that, even the typical quarter million dollar "retirement package" that is normally settled on disgraced senior administrators, would have been cheap compared to the ultimate cost of hiding the corruption and incompetence that pervades the leadership of the APS;

the cost of which, in terms of financial and human resources, far exceeds a "paltry" quarter of a million dollars of hush money alone.

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