Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the Council of Great City Schools Review

of the APS Police Department begins today; I think.

Remember the "discreet" bond and school board election?

It appears the "review" will be "discreet" as well.

We don't know what the scope of the review is. Nothing has been posted on the APS website; which is still nearly worthless as a reference source on any issue; which is itself, an issue.

Has the scope of the review been narrowed or deflected away from the alleged felony criminal misconduct involving the Bernalillio County Sheriff's Office and the leadership of the APS?

Do Darren White and Beth Everitt have a common interest in not looking into the circumstances of the criminal misuse of computers assigned to Darren White?

Is it the same reason that they won't release the public records of the investigations into the APS Police Department.

Is it the same reason that they will not turn over to the DA, evidence of alleged felony criminal misconduct.

How can Darren White still be part of the "review".

His refusal to surrender the relevant public records cannot be misconstrued.

The APD's Chief Ray Schultz; also leading the review, refuses to respond as to whether or not his own computers had been criminally misused by the leadership of the APS.

Somebody is damned by the record. And nobody is doing any investigating' except those who are implicated; and will make every possible effort to keep the record and the truth from being exposed.

An independant impartial audit threatens only those whose personal conduct and competence as a public servant; needs to be kept secret.

If silence gives consent; then
all names are suspect, but two;

Marty Esquivel and Gordon Rowe.

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