Sunday, May 27, 2007

the NMPED and its Eduator Ethics Bureau add zero credibility to the gradegate investigation

for the same reason Beth Everitt has selected them to do
the investigation of her responsibility and involvement
in gradegate.

Before NMPED Secretary Veronica Garcia and her EEB can represent impartiality; the leadership of the EEB must explain why they found nothing unethical in Everitt's abdication of accountability to any standard of conduct that uses the word "ethical"; including the student standard of conduct; for which she is supposed to be
the senior administrative role model.

And then Veronica Garcia will have to explain why she refused to acknowledge the corruption and/or incompetence in the EEB; that their finding represents.

They won't; she won't; and the gradegate investigation
will proceed as though nothing were amiss.

or, business as usual, for the privileged class in the APS,
the EEB, the NMPED, and in the state of New Mexico.

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