Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Elizabeth Everitt insists on Veronica Garcia investigation

Beth Everitt has decided that any investigation of her (administration) will be done only by NMPED Secretary Veronica Garcia.

Is that her decision to make?

Is she going to get away with it? ...remains to be seen.

The instant that the shit hit the fan on the grade change;
Beth Everitt called Veronica Garcia and asked for exoneration from allegations of corruption or incompetence.

and Garcia provided it; on television.

Now, according to Journal, Garcia says "her statement last week was based on information provided by Superintendent Elizabeth Everittt, and that she was careful not to state an opinion."

But in fact; she did state an opinion; "APS followed policies properly" "APS did not do anything wrong"
and in fact; she did base her opinion on
"information provided (only) by ...Everitt".

This is the manner in which the privileged class excepts itself from accountability.You cover my ass; I'll cover yours.

The Educator Ethics Bureau would benefit from an audit.
Its leadership would not.

The Bureau cannot be relied upon to even to keep teachers with records of misconduct from teaching again simply by moving. It can provide no evidence that it has ever acted against a senior administrator against their will. In fact, the proof, proves the contrary.

If Beth Everitt has the integrity that she says she has, there would be evidence.

  • The senior role model for 89,000 students would be accountable to the same standard of conduct as a student.
  • The results of the investigation of public corruption and criminal conspiracy in the leadership of the APS, would be public; as required by the law.
  • She would commission an immediate, impartial, full scale (forensic) audit of the administration of the APS.

If this bothers you at all, please plan to attend the board meeting. You would be best advised to show up around 4:30. Earlier; if you want to explore the humble existence of the administrators that call the uptown APS administrative/retirement complex home.

You will be looking for evidence that "excess space" in the building is being rented out to defray the cost to taxpayers, of the buying the new building.

As promised by the leadership of the APS,
when they first sold the scheme to taxpayers.

The leadership of the APS refuses still;
to provide an honest accounting of their administration
of public resources, in that building's renovation.

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