Thursday, May 24, 2007

Why was APS' Joseph Escobedo discouraging sign ups for the public forum?

Setting the piece;

The turnout for the public forum was slated to be huge. The news was reporting that 50 or 60 teachers from RGHS alone were expected to show up to protest gradegate.

Joseph stationed himself at the table where the sign up cards were stacked. I personally witnessed him telling a number of people that that wanted speaker cards, that there were already 15 people signed up for public forum and if each used their allotted two minutes; is was too late to sign up and expect to be able to speak.

Past practice:

Normally when there are a large number of sign ups; someone on the board suggests extending the allotted time for the forum out of respect for the public right to petition their government.

Had Escobedo not chosen to discourage people from signing up; it is quite conceivable that more people would have spoken.

The topic of the public forum was the frustration and disappointment with the leadership of the APS, and demands for Everitt's accountability and even her resignation.

do the math.

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