Friday, May 25, 2007

Nelinda Venegas takes one for the team

As the pressure on Everitt builds over gradegate; the administrator directly responsible for the Chinese fire drill for administrators has stepped up, kind of, to take some heat off of Everitt; and with her into her retirement.

Deliberately misleading statements in her op-ed piece serve only to illustrate the lack of character and competence in the leadership of the APS, in the handpicked team that Everitt chose to lead the district.

I won't belabor the point; I will illustrate with a single example.

According to Venegas;

"APS proactively provided this information to members of the Board of Education and to media outlets in an attempt to avoid misperceptions and rumors that inevitably arise out of large-scale change. APS has been open about this process from the beginning."
In his defense of his editorial, in an op-ed below Venegas', Journal editor Stephen Mills points out, correctly, that the
"...wholesale change ...ruled out the usual procedures of consulting with the school communities affected.
Either the process was open and above board, or not.

I think if you ask stakeholders at the affected schools,
none will remember being involved in the process
from the beginning.

Venegas is not being honest.

But then she is an APS senior administrator.

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