Monday, May 21, 2007

standing atop the tip of the iceberg; alone

"the tip of the iceberg"; or, "you ain't seen nothin yet"

Marty Esquivel has renounced any possible membership in the privileged class. He wants to draw the curtains open and let the sun shine on public service in the leadership of the APS. He wants transparent accountability;

Kryponite for which the privileged class has no antidote.

The privileged class in the APS and the community are aghast. If he prevails, it will be at the cost of most of their privilege. They cannot oppose him, at least not on the record. But make no mistake; they are opposing him.

To date, no other member of the privileged class has endorsed a cleansing audit of the leadership of the APS; not one.

Not Marty Chavez who will criticize the lack of accountability in the leadership of the APS when it suits his personal interest; but when it comes right down to it, he will leave Mr. Marty Esquivel alone atop the tip of the iceberg.

Not Terri Cole, outspoken ally of Mayor Chavez when it suits her interests. She and the Chamber of Commerce have apparently abandoned their advocacy of Character Counts; and any obligation to stand up in defense of its principles.

Not one city councilor.

Not one member of the board of education.

Not one APS senior administrator.

Anyone who stands alone against the privileged class is doomed to failure ultimately. The conflict is just too one sided; the playing field too uneven. If the person who stands alone cannot at some point get someone to stand with him; ultimate failure is inevitable.

It takes courage to stand alone. It takes courage to be the first to stand up. But courage does not win the day; not by itself; never has, never will. By itself; it is only the difference between suffering battle wounds in your chest, or in your backside.

Power wins the day. The power that belongs fundamentally to the people, is being used against their interests. The leadership of the APS has usurped control over the power that was entrusted to them.

There is only one way that the people can regain control over their power. They need to show up somewhere
in person, en masse, and take it back.

Unless you are prepared to let Mr. Esquivel stand alone against Paula "get in a teacher's face" Maes, the rest of the leadership of the APS, and the Modral law firm; you have to do something.

"Somebody should do something" most often means
Somebody else should do something.

It is time to get past that. There are dues to pay.

Find a way to get to the "Time for a Change" Rally Wednesday.

It won't be easy. Most people will likely have to ask for time off work.

With the continued cooperation of the editors, most people won't even know that there is meeting; a meeting that they need to attend.

If enough people show up Wednesday; if enough people stand up beside and behind Marty Esquivel;
there will be transparent accountability in the APS.

Whether or not enough people show up
is up to you.

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