Wednesday, May 16, 2007

input from the NMAGO sought.

Assistant New Mexico Attorney General

Ms. Valicenti,

I am wondering if I might get an opinion from the NMAGO. I would like to have the opinion of the Attorney General himself; but I understand that, that might represent an imposition. Otherwise, a response under the NMAGO letterhead.

The question is this;

As a matter of law; if there were a body of public records and a Custodian of Public Records denied a request for that body of records, based on the argument that among the body of records are "letters or memorandums of opinion"; and therefore entire body is exempt from the requirements of the NMIPRA;

have they established exception for the entire body of documents?

The courtesy of a prompt response would be appreciated.

Further, I have noticed that my complaint against the Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White is not yet posted on the NMAGO website. Did you receive the complaint and documentation that I faxed to you?

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