Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"legally" defensible

A recent audit by the Council of Great City Schools, noted that the administration of the APS continued to engage in "unethical" behavior on the basis of "legal" defensibility.

Is this the example we wish to set for employees and ultimately for students?

It is diametrically opposite to the message given them in Character Counts training. Students are taught that their character often rests on their willingness to do less than the law allows and more than the law requires.

Is it our goal to raise children into adults who believe that legal weaselry is the path to honor and courage and character?

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Anonymous said...

since when was APS ever about the kids? It's all about the staff and how much you can milk out of the trough. Department managers who know little about their departments but are ex-principals. or ex-football coaches, who said the right words and promise to keep the secrets and favors. Honor has nothing to do with it. It's all about now much and how high you can climb and how much money can you get doing it.