Thursday, May 31, 2007

Everitt promises a yearly audit of the APS Police Dept.

in order to keep taxpayers from being ripped off again.

She also said, according to the report on KRQE, that there will be no more business behind closed doors there.

Apparently, there will continue to be business behind closed doors in the rest of the APS.

As for an annual audit of her own administration to prevent taxpayers from continuing to be ripped off by the same incompetent and corrupt administrators that knowingly allowed or negligently permitted the corruption and incompetence in their Praetorian Guard;

...forget about it.

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Anonymous said...

anyone who believes this drek is
a fool. A rumor started by the High schools who wanted the loot the police dept had claimed the police had a quarter of a million stashed away, AND THEY WANTED THEIR SHARE. will all depts be audited yearly. they all should be.