Thursday, May 31, 2007

Everitt is stonewalling the board

Gordon Rowe and Marty Esquivel both pointed out that the school board does not yet have the truth about gradegate. They have important decisions to make in response to the truth about what happened.

They are expected to believe that Beth Everitt cannot, in the space of two weeks, put together a package of evidence and testimony that represents the truth about what happened.

That would make her incompetent.

On the other hand, if she is simply hiding the truth from the board;

that would make her corrupt.

Take your pick.

Whether or not the evidence and testimony is
in any stage of an administrative process, does not play.

The board seems willing to accept the fact that Everitt will not tell them the truth. They still have not seen the results of the investigation into corruption in the APS Police department; and by logical extension, corruption and incompetence in the leadership of the APS.

For as long as the board can pretend to know nothing;
they can escape accountability for their lack of oversight
in permitting an administration to run so out of control.

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