Friday, May 18, 2007

Darren White's refusal to surrender public records

as required by the law; has resulted in a complaint filed with the NMAGO. You may if you want to, keep track of the progress at a "current complaints" page on the NMAGO website.

To reset the piece; The leadership of the APS apparently used BCSO computers to violate the law;
and in violation of the law.

Darren White was asked to surrender the public records surrounding the alleged misconduct. He will not; and that violates the law.

The leadership of the APS has equivalent public records.

Records which they refuse to surrender; even in violation of the law.

Mr. Marty Esquivel is the only member of the board who has expressed his belief on the record; that these are public records; and they they must be surrendered to public knowledge.

One man against the board, the administration, and Modral.

He is David taking on Goliath.

The Journal and the Trib will not inform Mr. Esquivel's constituents that he needs their support.

How can that be explained?

Explain it to me, as you would explain to a child; if to one of the 89,000 of our sons and daughters
in the Albuquerque Public Schools.

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