Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Can educators learn to manage police?

asks the Journal editorial.

They remind readers that Everitt's excuse for Savage's oversight failure with the APS Police Department was Savage's lack of "expertise in police matters". Although she has no more expertise in police matters than Savage; we are supposed to be comforted that the Police Department will now report directly to Everitt.

This particular red herring has been dragged back and forth across the trail so many times that it is reduced to a fish head on a string.

With the possible exception of the irregularities in the evidence room; "expertise in police matters" doesn't play at all. There are no "police matters" under consideration.

The problems are with a simple and rudimentary lack of management skills by APS Administrators; many, if not all, of whom have risen to their own level of incompetence in the APS hierarchy.

"Shouldn't there be audits every year or two?" asks the Journal.


The Journal continues to protect Everitt from
accountability by refusing to discuss an immediate
and impartial cleansing audit of the entire APS.

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Anonymous said...

the police dept is now reporting to Brad Winter, another former principal. Tom Savage is out of the spotlight. yearly audit and public disclose would stop the gravy train of corruption and no one who benefits wants that. makes you wonder how long the trail is.