Thursday, April 19, 2007

to his continuing credit, NMAG Gary King

continues to remain engaged on the record. Only someone who has tried to get a someone to stand on the record recognizing complaints of criminal misconduct in the leadership of the APS; can truly appreciate how extraordinary is Mr. King's political and personal courage.

I have been adding items to those who's solution require his attention; and this was AG King's response;

I have also forwarded this to the appropriate part of my agency. Thanks for the information. By the way, I still need a little more specific information to be able to pursue the IPRA issue. Not so much who, but when. For instance, if you sent a letter to the agency requesting documents, we need a copy of the request letter and any response you received. We also need contact information for you so my agency can ask any follow up questions. Even though we try to be electronically capable, we are not currently set up to initiate the request from the posting on your blog. Perhaps you have already sent hard copies of your request to the agency. If you have not, we need a letter or fax or potentially an email request that contains the requisite information to open a file.
Gary King

Again, an entirely reasonable and professional response, extraordinary in the fact that it is on the record.

I heard Gary King "debate" his opponent on KKOB before the election. He was answering unfiltered questions from the radio audience. That is extraordinarily courageous: especially in contrast with the leadership of the APS who will not answer questions at all.

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