Saturday, May 23, 2009

Winston Brooks mad dogged me!

I was already seated, and waiting for the District Relations Committee meeting to begin.

Winston Brooks came, scanned the room, smiled at people, and
then his eyes met mine.

I swear to God, he mad dogged me.

According to newspaper accounts from Wichita,
Winston Brooks has anger management issues.
(I cannot link, because they are archived at the Wichita Eagle's site. link
Quoted in significant part, Wednesday, March 15 & 16, 2,000.)

(emphasis added)

"Once the cameras were turned off after Tuesday's televised meeting on the Wichita school bond issue, things got ugly between Superintendent Winston Brooks and anti-tax activist Karl Peterjohn."

"The men's faces were just inches from each other as they traded jabs through clenched teeth."

""Karl, why do you only attack the Wichita school district? Why don't you fight bond issues anywhere else?" Brooks asked."

"But before Peterjohn could finish his sentence, Brooks exploded. You're a racist and a bigot," he shouted, pointing a finger at Peterjohn, then abruptly walking away."

"When reached after the meeting, Brooks said he wasn't sorry for what he called Peterjohn."

I have noticed one glaring discrepancy;

""He has an ax to grind against minority, poor children, and he does not dispute the fact," Brooks said."

Apparently, the gentleman had "disputed" the fact; immediately after being insulted, and again, later on.

""I take total exception with your comment, sir," Peterjohn replied."

"Peterjohn said he "categorically denies every inaccurate accusation" that Brooks made."

""This is the first time an allegation of racism or bigotry has tied into a tax referendum issue," Peterjohn said."

Audience members were not much impressed either, with Brooks' performance.

"Brooks' comments were out of line, said Jeffery Whitney, 40, ...

"To call a person a racist and a bigot just because the person doesn't agree with you on an issue goes beyond the pale."

"It's unfortunate that a factual discussion on the bond issue is going to be diverted into some unfortunate, emotional, irrational statement by the superintendent," he said. "I was surprised and stunned by the turn of the events at the end of the show.""

OK, so March 15 & 16, 2000 is a long time ago.

Brooks, in the intervening 9 years has gained regained
control over his emotions.

... not.

Security camera footage of the incident outside the
Policy Committee
meeting, will show Brooks
"getting in my face". link

A commenter on the Topix forum,
wrote that, Winston Brooks had
chewed my ass.

From my vantage point,
about 6 inches away,
I can tell you that the man is still
quite comfortable with threatening
physical intimidation of people
he disagrees with.

And now he is threatening me with mad dogs, because
I am asking him to explain why 89,000 students in the APS
are expected to model and promote
the Pillars of Character Counts!, and
he is not.

For the record,
The right to ask that question without fear of retribution or retaliation, is a constitutionally protected human right.

photo Mark Bralley


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