Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monahan writes; Marty Chavez' character doesn't play.

If you read blogger Joe Monahan this morning, link
Joe argues * that character doesn't play in (mayoral) elections.

I beg to disagree. Character does play.

The only reason it is not on the table right now, is that
there is not a mayoral candidate willing to put it there.

It would mean standing in front of people and responding to
questions about character; candidly, forthrightly, and honestly,
until all of the questions were answered, and
all of them answered.

Marty Chavez' character doesn't play?

If if does not,
then the electorate are idiots with power far greater than
their ability to wield it.


A sure-fire way to lose this race is to make it about Chavez's personality and his perhaps outsized ego that leads him to seek constant media exposure. That's old hat to city voters who long ago accepted the incumbent's character flaws, but have embraced his politics."

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