Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Monica Armenta defends Goal number 2

APS' Executive Director
of Communications,
Monica Armenta,
said that
one of her goals was to have
fewer negative stories in the
local media.

She related how, much has
been invested in currying
the favor of reporters and
news directors.

She also reported that her
department had fed more
than 250 "positive" stories
to the local media.

Then she reported that the number of negative reports
were way down.

Not even Villanucci has complained about the APS lately!
said Armenta.

There are two possibilities;

  1. completely co-incidentally, there are fewer negative and newsworthy things going on in the APS, or
  2. investigation and coverage of the APS has been successfully slanted.

The Journal gives Winston Brooks a column a month, to spin
the truth to his heart's content. The Journal gives no space at all
to any rebuttal; not even in Letters to the Editor.

All of this is consistent with the Journal's relentless refusal to
investigate and report upon the ethics and accountability
scandal in the leadership of the APS.

Journal readers have no idea that the entire leadership of
the APS has abdicated as role models of
the Student Standards of Conduct.

They have no idea that the idea of an impartial standards and
accountability audit has been proposed and then crushed by
Paula Maes saying,
I will never allow any audit that names the names of
the corrupt and the incompetent in the leadership
of the APS.
The Journal and the leadership of the APS are in cahoots to
influence the outcome of the next bond election.

Goal 2;
Develop and implement a plan to change the
perception and build the confidence of APS.
Monica Armenta says that except for the world class crappy
website, Goal 2 is a done deal.

She says the community perception has changed, and that
there is public confidence in the leadership of the APS.

So who are you going to believe,
Monica Armenta, or your lyin' eyes?

photo Mark Bralley

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Goal 2;
Develop and implement a plan to change the
perception and build the confidence of APS.

It sounds like she didn't disclose the "plan" she just told everyone that there hasn't been any smutt released lately. Way to go APS!
They must be doing something to reach this goal. Makes one wonder.