Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Open letter to Character Counts! advocates

The following letter was sent to some members of the
Character Counts! Leadership Council.

They are obligated according to the tenets in several of the
six pillars of character, to pass the word to stakeholders.

In truth, the Character Counts! Leadership Council has
never been much bound by their obligations, and I expect that
the letter will not get passed very far.

Three months ago, Board Member David Robbins
introduced a motion that would restore the role-modeling
clause to the Employee Standards of Conduct.

It has still not been decided.

The phrase reads;
In no case shall the standards of conduct for an
adult, be lower than the standards for students.
At issue; whether the leadership of the APS will be
accountable as role models of the Pillars of Character
, or not.

If this issue resonates with you, I would encourage you
to engage in the effort to see the role-modeling clause
restored to the standards of conduct for the leadership
of the APS.

There is an opportunity for you to stand up for what you
believe in for two minutes at the public forum of the next
APS School Board meeting, Wednesday next.

Please forward this call to action to as many stakeholders
as you can.

Respect please, their right to decide whether to join this
discussion, or not.

You will forward this message to Character Counts!
Leadership Council President,
Sgt Joseph Gonzales
against his expressed wishes, and against mine as well.

I am grateful for your time and attention.

ched macquigg

The Character Counts! Leadership Council is party to
giving kids t-shirts that on their front and back read;
Stand up for what you believe in,
... even if you are standing alone.
They have an obligation to stand up for what they believe in.

So far, they have not.

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