Wednesday, May 06, 2009

APS' Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta

has her work cut out for her.

She will earn her keep tonight
at the APS Board meeting,
where she will spin the truth
about Goal 2.

She will look into the eyes of
her cronies, or she will look into
the eyes of stakeholders, and
she will defend the progress
to date on Goal 2. link

Develop and implement a plan to change the perception
and build the confidence of APS.

What Armenta is not going to be telling anyone, is why
statutes of limitation were allowed to expire on felony
criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators
in the APS Police Department Scandal.

Nor will she be telling us whether the Meyners Audit revealed
criminal misconduct. Or whether evidence is being suppressed
until the next statute of limitation expires.

She will not be telling you why the senior role models of the
Student Standards of Conduct, are not actually accountable
as role models, by their own deliberate choice.

Nor will she explain why APS' SilentWhistle whistleblower
complaint system, does not handle complaints of "ethical"

Nor will she have to explain why the leadership of the APS
refuses to answer any other legitimate questions about
standards and accountability in the leadership of the APS.

Nor will she explain, defend, or deny the collective decision
of the leadership of the APS to refuse to answer questions
about the public interests, or about their public service,
and with the expectation that they will respond candidly,
forthrightly, and honestly.

I hope she shows us the APS Calendar. link

But don't expect to hear how many dollars were spent on it,
rather than on students, or teachers, or on EAs somewhere.

photo Mark Bralley

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