Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who ya gonna believe; Marty Chavez, or your lyin' eyes?

He says that he is not a candidate for mayor.

This deliberate deception enables him to use legal loopholes and
technicalities to gain an unfair advantage over his opponents in
the race for mayor.

His defense;
"It's all perfectly legal."

"Legal" is the lowest acceptable standard of conduct.

There is no lower acceptable standard of conduct than the law.

He has 98,000 constituents in the APS.
They are taught that;
A person of character
often has to do more than the law requires, and
less than the law allows.

Marty Chavez should know; he claims to be
a Founding Father of Character Counts!

What has he done in 15 years,
except paint "Character Counts!" on a bunch of city trucks.

And we would still trust this man, why? exactly.

photo Mark Bralley

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