Thursday, May 07, 2009

Teachers at Ernie Pyle MS, and at Rio Grande HS to get $5K bonus

One of my allegigators informs me that teachers at EPMS and
at RGHS have been offered a $5K bonus if they agree to

  • meet after school,
  • obey all the directives for improvement for EPMS/RGHS, and
  • a lot of other vague specifications centered around "cooperation with improvement measures".
There is some dispute over the origin of the final package, the
district arguing, of course, that it is the result of a collaborative
effort; others arguing that parents and staff had virtually no
input, and that the plan is a "take it or leave" ultimatum that
they had not seen until it was laid on them.

Apparently, teachers at other schools are justifiably miffed that
some teachers are going to be paid for after schools hours, and
extra effort, while others, who put in just as many hours and
just as much effort voluntarily, don't get even so much as a kiss.

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