Sunday, May 17, 2009

Open offer to Ernie Pyle Middle School stakeholders.

Students at Ernie Pyle Middle School are accountable to
standards of conduct that have been established by the APS
Board of Education.

They are written in the APS Student Behavior Handbook.

"Students are expected to model and promote the
Pillars of Character Counts!"

I would like to make an offer to the folks at Ernie Pyle,
and for that matter, any school or stakeholder group.

I believe that in any circumstances, Character Counts!
offers salvation.

There is no legitimate agenda at Ernie Pyle that does not move
forward on the day the character counts in your school community.

I have considerable experience as a Character Counts! trainer.
I would be happy to come to your school to participate in a

My schedule is flexible; anytime, anywhere, anyone.

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