Thursday, May 07, 2009

Winston Brooks claim of transparency is dishonest.

The public perception of the APS is not very good.
To cite but two examples;

Governor Bill Richardson has publicly referenced
APS' "... statewide earned reputation for their lack of ...

Mayor Marty Chavez, has publicly insisted that APS'
accountability issues will only be addressed when he is
allowed to appoint school board members of his own.
If you read local blogs and internet forums, you will find
widespread negative perceptions. The issue of the negative
public perception of the APS is real.
The perceptions are grounded in fact.

APS' plan to improve the public perception centers on
reporting more good stuff, not on fixing the bad stuff.

From "A message from Superintendent Brooks"in the May,
APS Perspective, link,
By being more transparent, reaching out to the community
and celebrating our successes, we are helping to change
the public perception and build confidence in APS.
I take issue with his claim of transparency.

I have on a number of occasions, asked Winston Brooks to
name a time, a day, and a place where he, or anyone else in the
leadership of the APS will sit still and answer legitimate
questions about the public interests in the APS.

He stonewalls the question, over and over and over.

His claim of transparency is categorically dishonest.

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