Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trouble with APS links

The following comment was just posted.

Those links never work. Last time I tried to manually
chase down a boardbook link I got so frustrated I just
gave up.

Could you do a tutorial on how to start from scratch &
get to them?
No, I can't.

It isn't so much that
  • the APS website is basically unsearchable, and that
  • the identity of the person most responsible for that "unsearchability" is still secret, or that,
  • Monica Armenta needs three more subordinates, during a hiring freeze, to run a real website,

as it is that;
even when you get to where the information is supposed to be;
it isn't there.

Take for example; board meeting agendas and minutes.

Rarely are they up on the website in a timely fashion.
Minutes are often not there at all. They routinely vote to
approve minutes that have never been posted on the website.
Some, still have not been posted.

Just last night, in an apparent violation of
the Open Meetings Act, they approved minutes from the
meeting before the last. State law requires draft minutes in
ten days, and approval of those minutes at the next regular meeting.

Is isn't so much that you can't find the truth,
as it is that,

there is nothing you can do about the fact that
you can't find the truth.

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