Friday, May 08, 2009

Marty Chavez and Character Counts!

Mayor Marty Chavez got on the Character Counts!
bandwagon really early on. He is represented as
a Founding Father, of CC!, Q.

And yet, he is not one step closer to honest accountability
to the Pillars of Character Counts!

He is not one step closer to transparent and honest
accountability to meaningful standards of conduct and

He is not one step closer to honest accountability to any
standard of conduct that requires him to tell the truth about
the public interests, and about his public service.

He has not stepped up as role model for a hundred thousand
of his constituents who are children.

He has not shown them what it looks like to tell the truth,
even when telling the truth has unpleasant consequences.

His has told them about
George Washington and the cherry tree,
but he won't show them what it looks like.

He hasn't shown them what character, and courage, and
honor look like.

The Founding Father of Character Counts!, Albuquerque
during questioning about his ethics at the ABQPAC hearing.
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photo Mark Bralley

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As a founding father of Charactor Counts, I'd say Chavez falls short in this area on many occasions.
Where do we start w/ events centered around Chavez?--- Hit & run, family member shoplifting, threatening a young man's life for insulting his daughter, the list goes on and on.
No wonder chavez wants to be as disassociated with charactor counts as possible--- it raises too many questions close to home!