Wednesday, May 20, 2009

APS Board Meeting minutes editorialized

If you read the draft minutes, link, for the last board meeting,
the ones that will be approved tonight under a process that
does not allow anyone to object to anything in the minutes,
you will find editorializing.

There is no place for editorializing in the minutes of public

III. Public Forum –

Ms. Griego called up the one person that signed up for
public forum:

This person spoke about the Character Counts pillars of
character. He urged the board to put an accountability
issue on the table or discuss as to why in his opinion
they were stonewalling this issue.
To refuse to answer or cooperate with, the act of stalling,
evading, or filibustering, esp. to avoid revealing politically
embarrassing information.

The board is stalling and evading the issue of role modeling of
the Student Standards of Conduct, in order to avoid revealing
the politically embarrassing truth; they have no intention to ever
step up as role models for students, of the standards of conduct
which they expect students to meet.

"In my opinion", my ass.

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Anonymous said...

Those links never work. Last time I tried to manually chase down a boardbook link I got so frustrated I just gave up. Could you do a tutorial on how to start from scratch & get to them?