Thursday, May 14, 2009

Winston Brooks charged with selling a $650M bond issue.

Early next year, voters will decide whether to allow the APS to
sell $650M worth of bonds in their name.

Winston Brooks is charged with
making that happen.

He needs to rehabilitate APS'
image with taxpayers.

He has his work cut out for him.
Taxpayers have little faith in the
APS to spend their money wisely.

APS' Executive Director of Communications,
Monica Armenta
has the lead in the
rehabilitation effort. She has reported to the
board that she has successfully "schmoozed"
the local media into slanting their coverage of
the APS in a more positive direction. link

If you ask Winston Brooks if he will point to a time, a day,
and a place, where he or Monica Armenta, will sit still and
respond to legitimate questions about the APS, he will not respond.

Which means he has no intention of responding to legitimate
questions, candidly, forthrightly, and honestly.

Which begs at least one question;

Why in the world would taxpayers trust the APS to spend
the next $650M above the board, when they are still
steadfastly refusing to answer legitimate questions about
how they have spent, and are spending, the last $300M?

photos Mark Bralley

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