Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Mexico, a model for transparent accountability in government.

It could happen.

An era of transparency and accountability could replace
the current culture of corruption.

New Mexico state government could be as transparent as
technology and common sense will allow.

Instead of being a national laughingstock;
we could be the state that other states look to,
to see how its done right.

The question is not; can it be done? The question is;
will it be done?

The real owners of the power and resources agree.
They want the culture of corruption to end.
They want transparent accountability to meaningful standards
of conduct and competence. They want open government.

The culture of corruption has prevailed only because we have
allowed it to.

It will continue to prevail, only for as long as we allow it to.

Let's have a fight.

On one side,
those for transparency and accountability limited only by
technology and common sense.

And on the other side,
those in favor of a continuing culture of corruption.

Let's have a fight.

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