Friday, May 08, 2009

Hector Balderas is a man on a mission.

The people of the State of New Mexico have no idea what
this man can do for them.

He can end the culture of corruption.

All he needs is a decent set of tools.

He estimates, as a rule of thumb, 3 to 5 cents of every tax dollar is lost to waste.

3% of the budget is $180M, 5% is $300M.

He says, if his Office had 1% of the budget,
he could save the remaining 2 to 4.

He could save the taxpayers of the state of New Mexico
between $120M and $240M.

And, end the culture of corruption in Santa Fe.

Seems like a no brainer.

(By way of a disclaimer,
I have a complaint against the leadership of the APS,
that is currently under consideration by
the Office of the State Auditor.)

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