Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A bucket of truth about the JCMS Climate Survey

Imagine that the whole truth and nothing but the truth
about the climate survey long, long ago,
is contained in a bucket.

Take out the truth that you will not share,

about which you have an understanding with stakeholders.

To whom does the rest of the truth in the bucket belong?

To whom do the public records belong?

Dear Leadership of the APS,

Tell the truth, the whole truth, and
nothing but the truth.

And then stand for questions.

Role model for students, what honest accountability looks like.

The reason that creating even the appearance of impropriety
is prohibited by APS School Board Policy, and
their Code of Ethics, is because the appearance, in and of itself,
does damage. Damage has been done.

Not telling the truth creates the appearance of impropriety.

There are staff members at JCMS, who now have less respect
for the leadership of the APS because they won't tell the truth
about the Climate Survey results.

The longer they don't tell the truth,
the more you've got to wonder, why?

Don't waste any time reporting this to APS' SilentWhistle;
the manifestation of their own waste, fraud and abuse.

They no longer accept complaints of ethical misconduct.


Anonymous said...

And how will Monica use this for her Celebrate the 8! part? Guess she's s#@$#$t out of luck again when it comes to instilling faith in APS!

Anonymous said...

Nobody gets the raw data from the survey. RDA will only provide their interpretations of the data. RDA claims officially that the staff of JCMS is at each others throats, the staff basically say that is untrue, as does data in the survey. RDA/APS maintains we are too busy fighting among ourselves to listen to what our principles want us to do. This interpretation comes soley from a survey, no investigations, no interviews.
Score another one for APS busting on us as awful, ignorant backstabbing teachers!