Friday, May 15, 2009

I have a dream;

Hundreds of people on the steps of the Roundhouse right before
the Special Session begins, carrying signs that read;


end the culture
of corruption.


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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and will definitely subscribe. We pulled our child from public schools because they failed him so. We are now on our second charter school. The first was so horribly corrupt it made my head spin. It was a lesson in civics gone bad. I never wanted to experience the Machiavellian evil of that principal again--the one at North Albuquerque Community Charter. A real she devil.

So now we are at a middle school charter and although it isn't as corrupt as the last one, it has its own tempests in a teapot. One of the principal founders has a long list of paid family on staff: the secretary, the communications "specialist", and a teacher is somehow related by marriage. Parents are cowed by this teacher and say nothing can be done.

The charters are supposed to have oversight and accountability through the boards. But the boards are corrupt; at NACC, the principal hand picked everyone on it so that by year 2 only her cronies were left. Now at this new school I have stayed out of the politics because of the last school. We are very close to pulling our kid and homeschooling. We've about given up. My child brought home a quiz the other day from the english teacher and she marked items wrong that were right and ones right that were wrong, so she doens't even know the subject she's teaching. I've had enough!!!

Have thought about writing to Lucero because he hates charters, but at their best, with transparency, they should be a viable alternative. I just wish there was transparency and accountability in public schools.