Sunday, May 24, 2009

Is the upcoming APS Audit Committee Meeting even legal?

APS Audit Committee is set to have another one of their
little secret meetings. link
I am always reminded that "secret" is the wrong word to use
in this context. The meeting is actually a "closed" meeting.

By my reasoning; the reason that the meeting is closed is;
to keep secrets about what they're doing, ergo,
it's a "secret" meeting.

They are required by the law to tell the truth about why they
will meet in secret. They are required by the law to tell the
truth with "reasonable specificity".

According to the Open Meetings Act, Compliance Guide, link,

"The subject announced will comply with the
“reasonable specificity” requirement if it provides
sufficient information to give the public a general idea
about what will be discussed without compromising
the confidentiality conferred by the exception.
(emphasis added)

For example, a motion might be stated: “I move that the
commission convene in closed session as authorized by
the limited personnel matters exception to discuss
possible disciplinary action against an employee.”"
APS' idea of "reasonable specificity" about their need to meet
in secret;
" ...for the purpose of discussing limited personnel matters
in connection with Internal Audit.
It's like saying they're meeting in secret because; the law says
they can.

According to the law itself, "limited personnel matters" means;
"... the discussion of hiring, promotion, demotion,
dismissal, assignment or resignation of or the
investigation or consideration of complaints or charges
against any individual public employee;

Yet, according to APS School Board Policy, link ,
the Audit Committee meets only to;
"... review and recommend approval or action(s)
associated with the District’s Annual Audit,
any internal audit(s), audits associated with the
Capital Outlay and Technology, and
any employee whistleblower complaints.

The APS Audit Committee has no business meeting to discuss
"limited personal matters" at all, much less, in secret.

This is not the first time the Audit Committee has gone
into secret over "limited personnel matters" link

Nor is this the last time, I willing to bet,
that the Audit Committee will meet in secret from
stakeholders, and from their right to know the truth.

Update; the agenda has been changed, and now reveals a
more appropriate amount of detail.
Adjourn to Executive Session pursuant to (§ 10-15-1 (H) (2)) for
the purpose of discussing limited personnel matters in connection with
Internal Audit; nine non-compliant/partial activity fund audits,
one administrative process audit, seven investigations/reports.

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