Monday, April 20, 2009

APS' World Class calendar

What exactly does the APS Communications Department do?

According to the minutes from the last District Relations
Committee meeting, link, they put out a world class calendar.

Update on Communication Effort –

Ms. Monica Armenta updated the Committee on some
of her department’s projects which include the following:
  • APS Calendars – biggest project - The theme of the calendars this year is “APS graduates who have gone on to teach”.
  • Parent Resource Guide – dedicating a full page to free and reduced lunch. Mr. Robert Lucero wants Board member information where parents can find it.
  • APS Perspective – Published every single month – great way to communicate with staff.
  • Parentlink – Hosting full day retreat on April 13th.
  • Selfless Seniors - Response has been phenomenal from participating seniors.
  • Web – Ongoing and will continue work.
Nowhere on the list of important things that APS' communication
workers do, is; provide candid, forthright, and honest answers
to legitimate questions.

Questions like;
  • How much does it cost to publish a world class calendar?
  • And, the Communications Department's "biggest" project benefits students and teachers how, exactly?

I would not be surprised if there comes a day, when teachers
will be told that there is no money left for copy paper.
Teachers who need copies for their students,
will then have to pay for their own paper.

They should mark that day on their world class calendar.

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