Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The "shake up" in the Romero campaign.

Every report that I have read,
describes the change in
Richard Romero's
staff as a "shake up".

Unless your mind runs to
Romero grabbing Neri Holguin
and physically shaking her,
"shake up" has another rather specific meaning;

"a thorough change in a business, department, or the like, as by dismissals, demotions, etc."
Romero is on record stating that it isn't really a shake up at all, that it was Holguin's intention all along to not be there until the end, and that she had in fact stayed longer than she had initially intended, link.

So why is everyone reporting this "shake up". Is it just an assumption allowed by the fact that everyone assumes that Romero is lying? And why? just because he is a politician and his lips are moving?

Richard Romero promised to tell us the truth, link.

Neither of the gentlemen running against him has made that
promise, despite ample opportunity.

Mayor Marty Chavez won't make the promise out of fear of
the subsequent lightning strike.

Representative Richard Berry won't make the promise for
reasons, to which, I am not privy.

Even if you don't think any politicians promise is worth as much as a bucket of warm spit, all else equal, whose word would you rather take, the guy who has at least promised to tell the truth, or the other two guys, neither of whom is willing to make any statement at all?, about their intention to tell us the truth,
either before or after they are elected.

photo Mark Bralley

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