Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Representative" Heinrich chooses not to respond.

Either that, or Martin Heinrich doesn't know that his constituents would like to know why he won't answer legitimate questions about his public service.

Apparently,the N M Republican Party also chooses, not to respond.

Heinrich's republican opponent, Jon Barela, has not stepped up to demand an explanation from Heinrich's office; why was a legitimate question about the numbers of phone calls for and against the health care reform package, not answered candidly, forthrightly and honestly?

Now it is fair to wonder, why won't Barela step up?

Why will the Republican Party of New Mexico not point to Heinrich's lack of character and courage?

Except that in the same situation; Jon Barela will be doing the same thing?

Look at the last guy the NMRP ran for congress. He actually violated the law in his effort to keep stakeholders in the dark, link, and the Republicans ran him anyway.

photos Mark Bralley

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