Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jim Villanucci is a little pissed off.

A bunch of good ol' boys and their friends have helped
themselves to undeserved double dips into taxpayers pockets. link.

This is not about the "double dippers" who are doing so within
the spirit of the law.

It is about the lowlifes and their cronies who are pigging out
at the public service trough.

If he isn't pissed, he should be.

Those who should not be double dipping, qualified according
to loopholes in the law.

The loopholes could be closed. It is not an impossibility.

The only reason that the loopholes are not closed,
is that the people who could close them, don't want to.

The culture of corruption will end once and for all,
when people make their way to the steps of roundhouse,
for how ever long, and for how many times it takes,
until a majority of legislators in both houses finally get it.

We want to see the end of the culture of corruption in Santa Fe.
We want to see it now.

It is time for elected public servants to pick a side;
they are for the culture of corruption, or they are against it.

When a simple majority stands in support of an irrevocable
commitment to a plan that will end the culture of corruption,
the culture of corruption will end. At once, and for all.

All we need is a few thousand people.

Villanucci could do it without breaking a sweat.

Why not?
Why not end the culture of corruption at once and for all?

Except that we don't have whatever it is, that it takes to take
up a torch or a pitchfork, and storm the castle.

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