Thursday, July 09, 2009

A cloud is hanging over Mayor Marty Chavez' AFSCME endorsement.

The AFSCME endorsement would have been the biggest feather in Mayor Marty Chavez' campaign cap. Instead, the endorsement was met with immediate opposition from within the union itself. A number of members argued that the endorsement did not reflect the sentiments of the membership.

Things got even worse, when a vote was taken to allow union members a direct expression of their sentiments. And worse still, when a decision was made, apparently, to not count the votes. That decision precipitated a series of events which ended with the police being called to the union hall to investigate a complaint of an assault and battery, link.

The veracity of suggestions of impropriety grew when the union president escorted an NMI reporter from the premises. link

If all is as it appears,
the AFSCME endorsement
may turn out to be less of a
feather, and more of an
albatross, for a candidate
who already has a perpetual
stink of allegations of
corruption surrounding him.

photo Mark Bralley

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