Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Answer; APS Executive Director of Technology, Tom Ryan's desk.

Question; where doe the buck stop in the scandal just covered
by Larry Barker? link.

Two possibilities exist;

  1. Tom Ryan didn't know that it isn't alright for a vendor to buy food and drinks for people who at some point might be involved in evaluating the vendor, product, or services.
  2. It didn't make any difference to him, whether is was "alright" or not.

It really doesn't make any difference which scenario is at play, because Ryan is not accountable to any meaningful standards of conduct or competence, not even the law.

He is accountable under the same system as every other senior administrator in the APS. According to the Council of the Great City Schools, that system is;
"... subjective and unrelated to promotion or
step placement."
A system commonly referred to as, a good ol' boys club.

These are the kinds of facts that a standards and accountability
audit will reveal. Which is why, if the leadership of the APS has
anything to say about it, there will never be an impartial
standards and accountability audit of the leadership of the APS.


Anonymous said...

Larry Barker says Tom Ryan is the Chief Information Officer. What is Monica Armenta then?
Do let me know when the teachers get a party. I haven't heard of one in 27 years. Oh thats right. We're not part of the good ol boys network.

Anonymous said...

In my short dealings with him, Tom ryan can't piss in a boot even if he's given the instructions. He's like Brooks...he assumes, he wants to talk and not listen, and he doesn't know his "specialty" Technology) that well, at least in terms of Network Security.
I got the impression before that he thinks most of us in aPS are just "little people" with "little stupid concerns".
If you can't tell... I find him slightly demeaning and insulting when people like me ask him for "information", or inform him of possible network security breeches.