Sunday, July 05, 2009

Could Allen Weh possibly be any more clueless?

According to Newsman and Blogger PeterSt Cyr, link,
Allen Weh has a plan to fix education in New Mexico;

"We're going to compel change and
keep kids in schools and in school seats."

Damn, all this time, all this wasted
effort, and all we had to do all
along, to move from 48th in the
nation in educating our children,
was to "compel" kids to stay in
their seats!

Children, the governor has "ordered you" to stay in your seats and pay attention!

Colonel Weh, fails to comprehend an environment where he gives "an order", and no one pays the least bit of attention to it.

One has to wonder if Weh has asked even one teacher, what they thought is the problem. If he had, he would find that teachers have already tried ordering kids to stay in their seats and pay attention. It hasn't worked.

Unless you think 48th in the nation, is "working".

photo Mark Bralley

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