Friday, July 03, 2009

APS celebrates the fourth, with another Open Meetings Act violation.

There is a District Relations Committee meeting Monday.
The agenda has not be posted on the APS website.

The Open Meetings Act requires the posting of the agenda
1 (business) day, before the meeting.

The law does not require that the notice be posted on the APS
website. Except that, that is a past practice of the APS.

"Open government" lawyer, and
School Board President,
Marty Esquivel would probably
love to litigate the point, though
now he would be on the side of
the offender, as opposed to,
on the side of open government,
and the need to fully inform
stakeholders regarding their right
to know of the machinations of
their government.

When APS' own auditor reported that the APS had violated
the OMA by not posting meeting minutes, according to past
practice, Esquivel argued, in effect, that past practice doesn't

It doesn't of course, in all circumstances where legal weaselry

photo Mark Bralley

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