Friday, July 10, 2009

Dear NMRP, put up, or shut up!

With the release of Lt. Governor Diane Denish's ethics reform plan, there are now two candidates for statewide office, who have plans on the table to end the culture of corruption in Santa Fe. They are both Democrats. And now it is time for the Republicans to put up or shut up.

If Diane Denish is linked to Roundhouse corruption, what better way to find out than to help her pass ethics reform under which her corruption will be exposed?

The bottom line is that the Republicans have not put up a plan that would see Republican good ol' boys held accountable for their corruption.

As important as Diane Denish's actual complicity or tacit
approval of corruption is, and it is critically important, in this
particular argument, it is a red herring if it is used to hide the
fact that Republicans are not willing to see Republicans
held accountable for their corruption.

The whole idea in ethics reform is to come up with a system
that cannot be gamed by sitting good ol' boys of either party.

The whole idea is to make it impossibly difficult to hide corruption.

The whole idea to make it impossibly difficult to except oneself from accountability for their own corruption and incompetence.

The plan doesn't have to come from a Republican candidate;
it can come from the Republican party. And when they have
that plank in their platform, then they are entitled to stand on it
and take pots shots at whomever they like.

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