Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Public pooping, the city's take.

The Journal, link, reports that homeless people are pooping all over the downtown area.

An obvious solution would seem to be, portable toilets.

Some worry that portable johns are an attractive spot for drug activity and prostitution.

Which begs at least one question;
where are the drug addicts and prostitutes meeting now,
that a porta-potty reaching sauna heat during the day,
is a better place to get together than where they meet currently?

Public Safety whiz, Pete Dinelli, reportedly said;

" ... the best solutions are
more police activity and the
watchfulness of business owners. ..."

"The only effective tool is
complete vigilance and a
presence by police."

Never mind rising property crime rates, let's have a poo patrol!

Talk about a "shit detail", how would you like to be one of the cops assigned to that squad?

Perhaps they could be recruited to an elite Mounted Poopatrol.

On second thought, maybe not.

photos Mark Bralley

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why don't we/government give them free foods that tend to "bind you up"?
Or, more realistically, provide some kind of basic health assistance? Many are mentally ill, or have diarrhea-related illnesses.
These folks are crapping around town because business owners won't allow them to use their bathrooms (which I understand,, they piss and crap on floor and walls sometimes, or do drugs in said bathrooms).
So...all this comes back to.... a million police officers and businessmen being "vigilant" does not give the homeless a place to go to the bathroom, and go to the bathroom they must, somewhere.
Ched is wise and right on this.
And incidentally, has anyone out there had sex in a porta-potty? It's hard enough to get your kid on it, for lack of room, much less have room enough to put your hoohoo dilly in a cha-cha.
Wise up ABQ! Porta potties have to be considered a possible solution!