Thursday, July 09, 2009

The "Denish Plan" is on the table, and it looks good!

Lt. Governor Diane Denish
put her ethics reform plan
on the table today.

Office of the Lt Governor.

It is a little more polished
than the plan offered by
candidate Greg Solano,
but doesn't include the
robust funding that he
suggests for the Offices of
the Secretary of State,
Attorney General,
the State Auditor.

She indicated that her plan is work in progress. I am sure that a number of suggestions will be offered, and some added to her plan as appropriate. She is off to a great start.

In essence, she proposes a robust Ethics Commission, and
unheard of transparency in state government.

She will face opposition; there are those who will oppose
transparency and accountability.

It will be the obligation of the people of New Mexico,
to stand up behind ethics reform and make sure that it is
translated into law.

They say that you get the government you deserve.
If we don't stand up behind those who are standing up for us,
the government we deserve will be one still riddled with
corruption and incompetence.

Denish convincingly severed any connection between her and
the Richardson administration, repeatedly stating that neither
she, nor her Office are involved in any of the many scandals that
the Richardson Administration has tolerated and enabled.

Still nothing from the "transparent accountability party".
Their complaints that she has not stood up against the culture
of corruption will ring hollow in light of the plan she has put
on the table, and in light of the fact that they still have put up
no plan of their own.

We have the best opportunity that we have ever had, to put
an end to the culture of corruption and incompetence,
at once and for all.

All we have to do is get off our collective ass, and fight for
the transparency and accountability that is so sorely needed
in Santa Fe.

It is up to us.

photo Mark Bralley

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