Saturday, July 11, 2009

The POTUS dropped by yesterday.

No one, who is not a blogger, will ever understand what it is
like to watch a site counter crawl upward. Site counters log
the number of "hits" that a blog receives. A "hit" is some
one ending up on your blog. A brand new blog may not get
any hits at all for a disappointingly long time.

Even the overall number of hits, isn't all that encouraging
because a surprisingly large number of people apparently
arrive by accident as stay for less than five seconds. Unless
they are speed readers, they aren't there to read the blog.

Another thing a site counter will tell you, is where the hits
come from. I look for hits from the APS, and government
offices, in particular NM State Government Offices.

The hit we are all waiting for of course, is the one from God,
and the comment that reads;

stopped by your blog today, didn't realize what was
going on, I'm on it!"
The next best hit would be the one from the;
"Executive Office Of The President USA."

Cool, the PotUS is one of my peeps, and he's on it!

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