Sunday, July 05, 2009

Yates rips Denish, then takes a nap.

In the Journal this morning, link,
please find an op-ed piece by
NMRP Chairman, Harvey Yates Jr.

In his letter, Chairman Yates ripped
Lt Governor, Diane Denish, for
being party to the culture of corruption,
by not stepping up to put and end to it.

He is absolutely right of course.
Denish has been party to the
corruption, if only by means of
her tacit approval.

She has never taken a stand
against the culture of corruption,
and against those who would
feather her bed in her run
to replace Gov. Bill Richardson
at the top of the smelly heap.

She is still to draw a line in the sand, between herself and those who are bleeding tax payers dry with one rotten scheme after another. She is still to show us her plan to end the culture of corruption and incompetence in Santa Fe.

And so is Chairman Yates.
Where is his plan to end the culture of corruption?

He asks an number of good questions and makes a number
of good points in his op-ed;

"Will Richardson-Denish administration go down in
New Mexico
history as the most corrupt administration
since World War II, if not since statehood? Probably.

Hardly a day passes without a news story having to do with corruption.

Some would fault Richardson for the corruption but would
not fault Denish. But, if Denish is not to be faulted,
why hasn't she yelled, "Stop"?

Denish has been MIA in opposing corruption. If she has
lacked the courage to speak vigorously against corruption,
she is unfit to be governor.

This state must be cleaned up. We must stop the
madness. The way to do that is to elect a governor who is
dedicated to scrubbing the state clean"
Yates is of course, wrong.

The state is not going to be cleaned up by "electing a governor
who is dedicated to scrubbing the state clean".

The state is going to be cleaned up by electing a governor
with a workable plan to scrub the state clean; a hard copy,
name signed at the bottom, detailed, step by step plan, to end
the culture of corruption. A plan which can be examined and
approved by voters, and a plan to which the Governor can then
be held accountable.

Not to beat a dead horse, but
Sheriff Greg Solano is still
the only statewide candidate
to put an actual plan on the
table for voter perusal. link

The plan, imho, still needs a
little tweeking, but for as long as
it is the only plan on the table,
it is by far, the best.

Talk is cheap Chairman Yates, where's the beef?

It fascinates me that the party of "transparent accountability"
is not.

A promise without a plan, is a hollow promise.

Show us your plan!

Hint; the plan begins with;
1. Transparent accountability to
meaningful standards of conduct and competence,
for all public servants, within their public service.

photos Mark Bralley

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Anonymous said...

It should not be forgotten that Denish is willingly, and by her own accord, using some of the same corrupt officials that have allegedly Robbed the NM teacher's Retirement system. For example, Bruce Mallott is (one of, or the only)her campaign financial advisor, as he was with Bill Richardson.
Denish chose him, he was not "laid upon" her. And we know these high end officials know who's tainted and who's not.... just like the creepy admin of APS stick together.
Denish needs to clean house and get rid of those who have a legacy in corruption -No mtter how small, corruption is corruption!-- if she really intends to keep her job.