Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Diane Denish's (?) Op-ed Rebuttal.

"I read with great disappointment, but not surprise,
( Lt. Governor Diane Denish's (?)
rebuttal of)
the latest attack by Republican Party Chairman
Harvey Yates in The Sunday Journal
Ted Martinez, Journal, link. derived

The "champion of accountability"
seen here with the "champion of
the culture of corruption",
chose not to be held personally
accountable for the rebuttal,
on which her name is not found.

She chose, apparently,
not to dirty her hands by
responding directly to pointed
and legitimate questions
raised by Yates.

It reeks of Bill Richardson's last gubernatorial campaign,
where in, he calculated that he was so far ahead in the polls, that
he could deny stakeholders a public debate on the issues,
and still win. He calculations were correct of course, but that
does not
excuse or justify his hiding from debates.

There was nothing new in the rebuttal; a list of the issues
that she "pushed", "urged" and "championed".

Conspicuous in its absence, any plan to end the culture of corruption and incompetence in state government.

Is a plan too much to ask for?

Apparently Candidate for
Lt Governor,
Greg Solano
doesn't think so.
He has posted his plan on his
website. Like it or no,
his plan is out there for
examination and criticism.

if she has one, is not.

It can be done. It should be done.

Voters have an interest in a plan to end the culture of corruption. I would argue that they have a right to see the plan before they vote.

In fairness to Denish, neither Yates nor any Republican
candidate for any statewide office, has laid out their plan

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