Friday, July 24, 2009

John H. Bode should not be standing alone.

A local businessman, John H. Bode has had enough.
Tired of the pressure put upon him to make Marty Chavez'
life more convenient, in exchange for being allowed to do
business with the City of Albuquerque, he has filed suit
against Chavez, NMI link.

Now is the time for every businessman and woman,
who has had to pay to play, to step up and give testimony and
evidence against the culture of corruption in City Hall.

Else, do nothing, and continue to be a victim of the corruption.

Over time, I will forget the words of my enemies,
but never the silence of my friends. Martin Luther King
The hardest part of standing up alone, is the wondering, why?

It's time for everyone who has fallen victim, to step up and
offer their support to the lawsuit brought by John Bode.

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