Monday, July 27, 2009

Justice denied is, justice denied.

If you are harmed by the City of Albuquerque, for example;
a city employee driving drunk crashes into your car,

you cannot simply go to the city and ask to be made whole.

Mayor Marty Chavez has decided that no complaint against the city will see a principled resolution. Instead, he has ordered the litigation of every case.

By litigate it is meant, your lawyer will be met in court by an unlimited number of lawyers with an unlimited budget whose charge is to see that you receive as little as the law and their legal weaselry will allow.

The leadership of the APS has the same policy.

They litigate so much that their insurer; United Educators,
recently raised their premiums (your tax dollars) to cover their extraordinarily high litigation expenses.

Public servants are using public money, to litigate against the public interests, in order to except themselves from accountability even to the law; the lowest standard of acceptable conduct among civilized human beings.

photo Mark Bralley

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Anonymous said...

does that ethically pan out when APS uses taxpayer monies to wage attorneys against students' parents? Is that not a conflict of interest? Is that not the taxpayer bankrolling the APS litigation against themselves?
I think this is a serious breech of taxpayer trust when their own monies are used to wage legal war against them!