Monday, July 20, 2009

Is Winston Brooks secretly dismantling APS' Character Counts! program?

If you click on the Character Counts! link on the APS website,
you no longer go the office of APS Character Counts! Director, Carole Smith.

Instead, you go to the state organization's website, which for some time now opens with a warning that the site is infected by malicious software.

The malicious infection part is just too ironic.

School Board Policy mandates Character Counts! as the model for character education in the APS.

Brooks needs to get rid of Character Counts! if he is to successfully continue to evade honest accountability to any standard of conduct higher than the law.

Is Brooks capable of doing something so characterless as to dismantle Character Counts! in the APS, secretly.

Well, duh!

Look how honest he is willing to be about administrative role modeling of the Student Standards of Conduct; he refuses to talk about it in public. He cannot summon the character and the courage to tell stakeholders the truth about administrative role modeling of the Student Standards of Conduct.

Why would you expect him to be candid, forthright, or honest about his intention to undermine any support for the Pillars of Character Counts!, the standard of conduct he is trying so desperately to ignore.

photo Mark Bralley

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