Thursday, July 23, 2009

Marty Chavez no longer so proud of his ASCME endorsement.

When Marty Chavez was blowing his horn at the ABQ Economic Development Board breakfast forum, Wednesday morning, he tooted about the endorsement by firefighters and police officers, but not about the "endorsement" by city workers.

That would seem prudent, since there are some serious questions about whether the ASCME endorsement, at one time a real feather in Chavez' cap, reflects the support of anyone beside the committee that put it together.

There are questions about the APOA endorsement as well.
No one seems to be rebutting the allegations by RJ Berry and Richard Romero, that they were not afforded an opportunity to present their case to union members; the endorsement was made without interviewing either of Chavez' opponents.

No word yet on the firefighters endorsement and whether their
endorsement as well, reflects only the feelings of a very few of
the union's members and not the rank and file.

Romero suggested that the APOA endorsement, sans any defensible process, smacks of machine politics.

Gee, ya think?

photo Mark Bralley

Bralley/MacQuigg audio recording of the entire forum is up on Peter St. Cyr's site. link

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